The 52 Week Project

The 52 Week Project is a weekly linkup hosted at Practicing Simplicity. The idea is simple:

"A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2014."

So why do this?
To make a long story sort, I spent a lot of 2012 and 2013 hardly picking up my camera. Part of that is because of my beloved iPhone camera being more accessible, and the other reason is because I was plain ol' burned out from anything that required creativity. Photography, which I have loved with a deep passion since I was 7 years old, had taken a back seat to the demands and messiness of life. That's the thing with passions can't stay away from them for too long! 

So as the end of 2013 drew near, resolutions were on my mind. Which isn't usually the case, as I hadn't made any New Year resolutions since I was a kid. But one day, as I was reading a friends blog, I stumbled across these beautiful words that Jodi wrote about what the 52 project meant to her: 

"Imbued in each image is my story too; a tale of motherhood with all its exhaustion, frustration, joy and palpable, immeasurable love. It’s a documentation of ordinary days that I wanted to remember because they were beautiful - an odd collection of singular moments that would have otherwise gone unnoticed amidst the general busyness of life. Even when the days were too long to enjoy I can see, in retrospect, that they were a blessing. 

Beyond the story of this portrait collection lies a strange reality; I look through it and experience a profound sense of nostalgia for my children’s younger selves. I already miss them! I miss them with a longing that only a mother’s heart knows; it’s deep and raw and acts as a beautiful reminder: to stop, observe and document. "

After reading these words, I knew that completing this project would be my New Years Resolution. The inspiration I had been lacking for so long, came rushing back and I was excited again to pick up my camera. There were a lot of doubts about my ability to complete this project (hello, a.d.d.) but I did it and had a lot of fun along the way. To think creatively again, and to challenge myself to find ways of capturing my children in the day-to-day of ordinary life, has re-ignited my love for photography and reminded me of the importance of finding those things in life that serve as creative outlets.

You can click here to view My 52 Week Project.  




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