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Tuesday, October 6, 2015
It may be 8 months later, but I'm here, ready to start blogging again.

First things first, our baby girl is nearly 4 months old! After our last baby was a bit on the colic-y side, we're so grateful that she has an easy going temperament. If we're friends on Instagram, you've probably witnessed how pictures of her have been slowly overtaking my account. She is the best!

Annie's labor + delivery was definitely my favorite. Maybe one day I'll get it written out here, but the Cliff's notes version is I went into labor in the evening, got my epidural around midnight, and she was born around 5am. No complications! Having had both natural and medicated births, I'll be honest, I much prefer the medicated ones!  She was 9lb, 15oz, 21 inches long, and had a ton of black hair (still does!).

That's it for now....glad to have broken the awkward blog silence! I'll be back tomorrow to share a few small things about my blog and some photography related news! 


  1. Oh I love her! And, I'm SO glad you're back!

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  4. Yay for breaking blog silence and she is just a doll! Love these photos of her and excited about your news! :)


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