A Big Thank You for a Sheenazzing Nomination and a Baby Bump!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

How do I begin to say thank you to whoever nominated me for a Sheenazing award (named for Venerable Fulton Sheen)!?! There are so many insightful, well written blogs on the internet, and I highly recommend checking out the other nominees, but please know how grateful I am for nominating mine! I'd be lying if I didn't admit that it brought a big smile to my face when I read my name on Bonnie's blog; so again, thank you. 

If you want to cast a vote my way, vote here. I am in the "Best Looking Blog" category (next time I recommend reading that in your best Zoolander voice). It's quick, easy, and you don't have to sign in or sign up for anything.

And since there are a few new people stopping by from the contest, I wanted to say a brief "hello" and maybe share a tad bit about my blog. 

In 2007, I opened up a photography business and also started my very first blog which had a few personal stories, but it mainly focused on the weddings and kids I photographed. Then, three years ago, I stared at a computer screen with that same blog front and center and asked myself, "why am I doing this?" I was burnt out on running a business while balancing the needs of my family, burnt out on all aspects of social media, and life all around was overwhelming. I stared at that screen for 20 minutes before it became clear that my blog had to go. I hit delete, and 5 years of blogging disappeared. All of my pictures were backed up to external hard drives, but everything I had written, was deleted. I know, so dramatic.

But I have never regretted it. I guess you could say, that in order to get more "balanced" I had to completely put my business, blogging, and social media on hold. I've made a lot of dumb choices in my life, but this one happened to be a pretty good decision. I'll likely never have this domestic-parenting role down, but once I freed up that time, I was able to start climbing out of the hole I was buried in. Another baby joined our family, and things were hard, but they were also good. 

At the beginning of 2013, I missed photography and blogging and thought it would be a good idea to try something new, so I made a New Years Resolution to pick up my camera more and start a personal blog. I did the 52 week project, which you can see and read about here. The truth is, I don't have a very profound reason for keeping this blog other than the fact that I just really enjoy it. It allows me to do something creative and I think we all need to find something we enjoy that's creative, right? My husband likes to do crazy things like run ultra-marathons, and I like to take pictures and occasionally over-share on the internet. I also think drinking wine is a good creative outlet.

I hope this year to write a little bit more, and finally hit "publish" on all the unfinished blog posts I wrote last year but was too embarrassed to share, but this blog will probably always focus on photography in one way or another. So thank you to anyone who continues to read!! 

Ok, let's switch subjects to something I'm pretty excited about.

We're expecting a new little Seeley this June! On Monday, we should find out if I'm having a boy or girl, and while I can't promise any grand gender reveal parties or details, I'll be back then with an update!

With our upcoming move, I haven't had the time to start the 52 Week project this year, but I'm hoping to start a new project in February. For now, here's a couple pics I took last weekend when I went with a few friends to the Abbey of New Clairvaux, which is a winery run by Trappist Monks. It's located just outside Chico, and they have great wine, and the location is quaint and good for pictures. If you're ever in the Chico area, I recommend stopping by.  



  1. Gosh you look so tiny and cute! I'm guessing my invitation to the winery got lost in the mail ;)

  2. Aw, yay for the nomination! Heading over to vote for you now! :) Also…SUCH an adorable baby bump photo. Congrats!!!

  3. Fantastic News and Congratulations - Thank you for sharing so much of your story and it is a pleasure to be a part of it - Good Luck with your nomination!

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