12 in 2014: And other Attempts to Recap 2014

Friday, January 2, 2015
We all know that some years are better than others, and 2014 was pretty great in the Seeley House! Of course, we can't escape from the day to day struggles, but when I look back at 2014, it was one of those better years.

It started off with a lot of sleepless nights because Dominic, well, just wasn't one of those sleep-through-the night babies. By the time he turned one in June, we made a few changes (namely, moved him out of our room) and that made a huge difference. I found out what 8 hours of sleep felt like again!

You know you're a mom when you're measuring your year in terms of how much sleep you get, right? #allworthitofcourse

Let's see, what else. We went to Disneyland and learned where the Infirmary is located, went camping with friends, made a few trips to Southern California, and I had a few semi-deep thoughts while celebrating birthdays. One of my dearest friends and I went to Austin, Texas, and Ryan and I celebrated 9 years of marriage. Oh! And we started a garden.

Riley made her First Communion, started taking piano lessons (and loves it) and Luke, proved me very wrong by loving his first year of preschool. There was also that time we were out in the woods and Dominic spiked a 105 fever. Life!!! 

And of course, so many of my favorite moments, don't often get photographed: the daily meals around the table and meals spent with friends, unexpected lessons, morning playdates where you laugh-vent with girlfriends, and all the small moments of joy (and strife!) that accompany parenthood. It was those more unknown moments that inspired The 52 Week Project, which you can read about here. 

In a few days, it will officially be 1 year since I started this blog, after taking a 2 year break from the blog world. I even made this an official mom blog by writing out 2 of my 3 birth stories (8 Years Later, and 3rd Baby, 1st Epidural). 

 When I first started picking out my favorite pictures from this past year, I narrowed it down to 344 pictures....and I finally decided on these 12, mostly because of the memories associated with them. 

1405559493.208952.IMG_1047-100IMG_9614-100communion-200 IMG_9498-108 IMG_9155-18 week3-9749 IMG_0334-173 IMG_1730-1 IMG_9833-100
IMG_4843-203 IMG_2241-9-2 IMG_0040-14 IMG_4575-219

I'm still thinking about 2015 and if there are any major resolutions I want to make....it's going to be quite the year (details coming soon!)!


  1. Riley looks just like you! Your very own mini-Kelli :)

  2. These are absolutely gorgeous -- your family is gorgeous. I agree with Hafsa, too:)

  3. So lovely! I adore the first two especially. :)

  4. Love every photo! All so beautiful!

  5. So glad you started blogging again! I love all your pics and seeing your gorgeous kids grow up! Hope to see you soon!


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