49/52: Advent Begins and Picture Books

Wednesday, December 24, 2014
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 It's hard to celebrate all the wonderful feast days and traditions of Advent when you're sick, but for the most part, we did ok. There were a few traditions that I just didn't get to this year, and a few that started off strong, but I didn't end up following through on (example: Wisemen Adventures. I lasted 1 week). My favorite feast day during Advent is December 6th, the Feast of Saint Nicholas. The kids put out their shoes before bedtime, and in the morning, they're filled with chocolate gold coins, they each receive a new ornament, a book, and new Christmas Pajamas (book links and pic below). 

Well, as anyone with a toddler in the house understands, the ornaments on your tree aren't really safe. Such was the case this year, and poor Riley's new ornament was the victim of our toddlers curiosities. She received a porcelain piano this year, and unfortunately, despite our best efforts to put it high up on our tree, our little houdini shattered it. She was understandably devastated. To help make it up to her, we took what was left of the piano and put it at the top of the tree and told her this year, it would be the topper instead of the star (and you can see it in the middle photo above). I think it helped her feel better, and next year, we'll just try and stick to ornaments made of steel. 

(No affliate links because I have no idea how to do that)

1) The Miracle of Saint Nicholas
2.) Saint Nicholas: The Real Story of the Christmas Legend (ok, and while I really do like this book a lot, they refer to Saint Nicholas as a pastor, and I wish they would have referred to him as a Bishop since that is what's accurate....so I change the words when I read it). 

(Not pictured, but new to our collection this year)

3.) Lucia, Saint of Light
4.) Prayer for a Child
5.) The Little Fir Tree

Still my favorites from past years:

6.) The Legend of the Candy Cane
7.) The Legend of the Poinsettia (and all books by Tomie dePaola)
8.) Humphrey's First Christmas 

And next year I already want these book:
6.) The True Saint Nicholas: Why He Matters to Christmas (by, William J. Bennett)
7.) The Donkey's Dream (I tried to get this book this year, but it's been out of stock)

 And every other book on this list that I don't already have :)


  1. Poor Riley! But such a cute idea that you made the piano the tree topper :)

    We now have Tomie DePaola's Legend of the Poinsettia book and last year we bought The Donkey's Dream. It's my favorite :) Merry Christmas!

    1. Merry Christmas to you guys!!! I still need to text you back....so sorry!! I need your too! Good thing there are 12 days of Christmas bc I've only sent out half of my cards (what's worse is I got them the first week of Christmas and still haven't finished).


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