48/52: Post Dentist Trip For Ice Cream

Monday, December 22, 2014

One of my biggest fears is going to the dentist. It's not because I'm nervous about possible procedures, or actually being in the dentist office, it's because I have trouble trusting that what they (specifically, the ones we've seen) say is honest. In the past few years, we started seeking second opinions, and I wasn't surprised to hear that the opinions of each dentist are different. We took our kids to a dentist who recommended a procedure for both of them that we did not think they needed. And so through one of Ryan's co-workers, we found a dentist who we love and trust. He disagreed with the original diagnosis my kids received, and has been encouraging and great to work with. 

One of the hardest things about moving to a new city, is finding all your people....a dr, a dentist, all of those people who help you to stay healthy. We've been in Sacramento 6 years, and although we've taken our kids to the dentist, it wasn't until this past year, we found someone we trust. That's a great feeling!! So after their first appointment with our new dentist, we celebrated with some ice cream! Because what better way is there to celebrate a good dental report than with some sugar? 


  1. Ahhhh Dominic reminds me so much of MG. Give me the name of your dentist, we are taking the twins in the summer for the first time ugh. Is that Rick's diner?

  2. The new Rick's looks amazing! I'm so glad you're back blogging, and that you found a dentist you like. I agree...finding a dentist (and doctor) takes time!

  3. It's a good thing that you looked for a second opinion before going through any procedures, especially in situations dealing with our health or in your case, your kid’s health. I’m happy to know that you found a dentist that you can really trust. Now you don’t have to pay for second consultations and the like. Thanks for sharing this with us, Kelli. All the best!

    Sharon Woods @ Falls Park Dentistry

  4. He was the most expert dental practitioner I've have ever met. His office and staff were truly far ahead of other specialists. My last visit at the dentist Torrance office with my buddy was fantastic.

  5. Moving to another city can be pretty hard. And not only because of the luggages and stuff, but also because of the stress of adjusting to a new environment. But it's good to know that you found a dentist that you can really rely on soon after. At least that's one thing you won't have to worry about! Anyway, going for some ice cream is a really great way to celebrate. And from the looks of things, everyone seems to have had a grand time! Thanks for sharing this post with us, Kelli. Have a great day!

    Rudy Spencer @ London Bridge Dental Practice


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