43/52: Major Blog Slacker + Saints

Saturday, November 8, 2014

My head has been operating at about 3 brain cells/hour lately and in my spare time, I've been powering through Gilmore Girls! So...the little blog has been on the back burner. Hoping to jump back in for November and post a little more frequently. 

We celebrated Halloween and All Saints Day on the same day (3 costume changes in one day was a little exhausting) so for this week, we have some Halloween Costumes. We've got Mary Poppins, A Ninja Turtle, and a Penguin (who is getting harder and harder to photograph). 

 And below, we have Saint Michael the Archangel, and Saint Elizabeth of Hungary. For Riley's Saint report this year, we read this book on Saint Elizabeth's life. I knew I would end up having to do a lot of the reading out loud, and I initially wasn't that excited about it. But!! The book ended up being SO good, and had me in tears at several parts as I read about this generous Princess who served Germany. Even though it's a chapter book for children, I thought it was an equally great read for adults. And her Feast Day is coming up on November 17th!     

The kids with their principle, Sr. Maria Rose, dressed up as Saint. Bernadette :)

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  1. Love Sr. Maria Rose! I have a picture somewhere of me and Irene with her. Your costumes are awesome btw! Much better than the ones I thought up last minute.


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