42/52: A Little Family Picture Prep

Thursday, October 23, 2014

I buy almost all of my kids clothes at consignment shops or Target, but the one time of year I invest a little more is when we take family pictures. Which we're suppose to do this Saturday...more on that in a minute.  I'm having the hardest time finding something for my daughter this year. She's 8 and everything is way too bright, too short, or looks like something a teenager would wear (or maybe shouldn't be wearing?). There are a lot of great online stores, but I was really hoping to buy something she could try on first, plus I waited until the last minute so anything I ordered wouldn't arrive on time. I've basically got a day and a half to find her something, or at least come up with a backup plan. Although, according to the forecast, I may have more than a day to figure something out because it's suppose to rain. The weather has been gorgeous lately, and I've been looking forward to our pictures for months, so naturally, I shouldn't be surprised that it's suppose to rain. 

Our annual Family Picture is something we all look forward to...but trust me, it isn't without stress! There's always a kid who isn't listening, or things aren't exactly as I wanted them to be, but I always look back at them and am so glad we made the effort to get it done. It's fun to watch how our family grows year to year. I'll try and post some of our past family pictures on the blog here next week. 

Do you take yearly family pictures?  

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  1. aw, yay! I love hearing when families make it a priority to take a family photo once a year. :) Makes my photographer heart happy! My husband and I just got married, but that's DEFINITELY something we're doing.


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