38/52: Happily Caught in the Sprinklers

Sunday, September 21, 2014

 I had a couple hours this past weekend where I needed to find something to do while Ryan helped our friends with their move. Since all three kids were acting like energizer bunnies on caffeine pills, I put them in the minivan, grabbed my camera, and took them to the Arboretum a few blocks from our house. 

Things started out pretty good. The kids were having fun running around and throwing leaves, but about 30 minutes into our little adventure, they started fighting and I was mad at their lack of listening. I lost my temper a few times, and decided to pack us up early because I was frustrated. And then, like something out of a movie, all the sprinklers came on! They were everywhere and on full blast! We were right in the middle of the arboretum, and the only way to get to our car was to run through them head on. We tried to dodge the sprinklers (ninja style!) but there was no escaping....we were soaked! I was holding the baby, but quickly realized I couldn't both hold him and protect my camera from getting wet so I handed him to Riley and ran my camera to our stroller, which was in one of the only dry spots. 

When I got there, I looked back at my kids laughing and running through the sprinklers, and instantly realized how grumpy I had been. Sometimes, I focus so much on all the logistics of being their mother and making sure they're behaving well, that I forget to simply laugh and enjoy who God has created them to be. I truly think my daughter is going to look back at this moment we shared and never forget it. I want more moments like this with my kids, and if it means getting caught unexpectedly in the sprinklers....well, then, I'll take it.     


  1. Beautiful. Prayers that we both be able to embrace these personalities and moments :) Beautiful captures!

  2. I love this so much. Needed that reminder today. :)

    1. Thanks Jenna! Your tumblr/blog needs a combox so I can leave you comments!

  3. Again, everything about this is beautiful! So, so beautiful!

  4. I love it when something stops me in my tracks and makes me truly appreciate a moment of time! :)


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