Weekend Recap: A Hike and a Twitching Eye

Thursday, July 17, 2014
We've had a great summer so far, but admittedly, the weekends were starting to feel like a scene out of Groundhogs Day. We needed a break from our regular routine! So we brainstormed a few ideas that were budget and kid friendly and decided a hike sounded like a good idea. I texted a friend to come along and it was a date. Our friends knew more about the local hiking trails than us, so they picked a place, and on Saturday morning we packed up the minivan with 4 kids, 2 sets of parents, and off we went.


One little important fact before moving on with this story...Dominic woke up with a 99ish temperature. He was active and happy, and since he's cutting two molars, I assumed it was either teething or nothing major. I contemplated staying home, but figured I'd either be babywearing him in the house, or I'd wear him on a kid-friendly hike where nature and the other kids would distract him from teething pain. Nature won. I grabbed an unopened bottle of infant advil before we left, just in case.

I didn't quite realize how far we would be traveling and how curvy the roads were until we were well on our way. I noticed Dominic seemed a little "off" but figured he was probably feeling motion sickness, because I most definitely was. When we arrived at our destination, it was everything I was hoping for. The air was rich with the scent of pine, the Sierra Nevada mountains surrounded us, and the sky was a bold shade of blue. Time to start our hike.

We hiked up to Bassi Falls and as soon as we got there, Dominic threw up all over me. His little body felt so hot and he was lethargic. We decided that Ryan would hike/run back to the car with him (it was 1/2 a mile), take his temperature and cool him off. I'd let the kids finish eating their lunches and then we'd follow behind him shortly and head home. I tried to play it cool, but on the inside was really nervous. I had never seen the baby like this before.

  About 15 minutes passes and Ryan texts our friend Chris (a paramedic) the update, "his temp registered at 105." 

"What!" I shouted, followed by a few bad words. I felt like a terrible mother! I should have kept him home!

I realized the unopened bottle of Advil was still in my purse, so Chris offered to run it to Ryan while I gathered up the kids to start heading back. My biggest fear was that he would have a febrile seizure and we were 45 minutes from civilization. I was trying to hurry the kids along, but all I wanted to do was run fast and get to Dominic. I started to cry. My first reaction is to obsessively worry about all the terrible, awful things that could happen. My friend Cat offered to walk all the kids back to the car so that I could go ahead. As I sprinted back to our van, I prayed that he would be ok.

He stopped crying as soon as I arrived and started to perk up a little. His 20lb body was so hot and he was miserable. I patted him with cool water and anxiously waited for the Advil to kick in. Not long after, everyone made it to the van and we headed back to Sacramento. The car ride home was a combination of stressful/funny/exhausting/memorable....not to mention smelly because I didn't have a change of clothes after being puked on. Also on the way home, my eye started twitching. Every 20 minutes, it would twitch.

Dominic went on to have a high fever over the next few days, pooped all over me 3x, and it was eventually determined that he had roseola, a pretty common virus (side story, when we pulled up to the dr.'s office, I went to get the kids out, and discovered Luke forgot to put his shoes on. Awesome. We were already running late and the thought of him running barefoot through a pediatric office was just a little too much for this semi-germaphobe to handle. So I carried his 40lb body on my back (all hail, The Ergo), while carrying Dominic in front through the appointment. It's a lot easier to look back a few days later and laugh....and in general, I hope I look back at so many of these crazy moments and laugh). 

It's three days later, and my eye is still twitching. I know the answer is to go to bed earlier, relax a little more, and Trust God a lot more. A few months ago, I set a timer to go off every day at 3pm, the hour we recognize as the time Jesus was crucified. I set the timer so we would remember to say the Chaplet of Divine Mercy. We don't always say it, in fact, most days we don't. But at the very least, it's a good reminder to whisper, "Jesus, I trust in You." I struggle to trust God. It's easier to worry, to think that everything depends on the decisions I make, and my eye twitch, reminds me of that struggle. I'm grateful that God has not asked me to be successful, but rather to be faithful.  I'm also grateful for a husband who is really calm....because someone has to balance us out :) 


That sums up majority of our weekend. We spent a few hours continuing to purge our garage, and then Riley and I ended the weekend by meeting a few friends at the  Carmichael Farmers Market. We tried some Venezuelan food called an Arepa and it was delish...I can't wait to go back next Sunday! 

Here's to hoping this coming weekend is a great one...and a little more calm. 

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