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Saturday, July 19, 2014
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1.) I went to the dr. today. All my best efforts to treat this painful mastitis infection naturally failed. When I woke up on Thursday morning with body aches, chills, and three children asking for breakfast, I waived my White Flag of Surrender and thought, "I need the drugs!" I loathe taking antibiotics but in the end, they worked and I felt better by the end of the day. And through a friend of a friend, I buy homemade kombucha called "belly-bucha" which has herbs (like red raspberry) added to it for pregnancy. Even though I'm not pregnant, it still helps with the post-partum hormones and all the probiotics are good since I'm on antibiotics for the next 6 days. 

2.) Later that day, I took my two oldest kids out to burn off some of their never-ending energy. We went to our neighborhood park, and while they were out running, it dawned on me that I haven't been with just the two of them since Dominic was born. It was pretty nice to give them all of my attention. They got into a few small arguments, and it was surprisingly nice to help them work through it and make peace. Usually, Dominic demands so much attention that I end up ignoring their arguments and sending them to their rooms if they can't work it out.

3.) And a few photos from that evening....

4.) This HuffPost piece was posted several times on my Facebook feed. It's about an 83 year old photographer who found an old box with the title, "Mother" on it which was filled with images of women with their children from 50 years ago. If you haven't seen it, and love beautiful photojournalistic images of motherhood, you should check it out. The pictures convey the beauty of motherhood in a way that words so often fail.

5.) My daughter recently started taking piano lessons again after a year long break. She loves it so far, and I'm secretly jealous because I wish I could take lessons too. After talking to a few friends who grew up playing the piano, most of them told me that it was a rule in their family that they had to take lessons until they were 18. They said they didn't always like that rule growing up, but now they have a lot of appreciation for it. So I've been pondering this idea and contemplating if it would be a good rule for our family too (Lord willing!). I'm curious if anyone has any experience or thoughts on a rule like this?


6.) 1 week left until the Edel Gathering and this is my last weekend to try and find some crazy shoes! Wish me luck...hopefully with a size 10 shoe, I'll find something extra crazy! 

7.) Since it's almost midnight, and my eyelids are starting to close on me.....I'll just say Goodnight! 



  1. I guess my family had an unspoken rule like that - all of us kids played piano and one other instruments (the girls mostly played violin, the guys played cello). We all took lessons until at least 18 or so, with several of us picking up other instruments on the way or continuing lessons in college. I thought it was brilliant. Nothing teaches discipline like having to practice an instrument five days a week. :) xox, giedre ps. You should totally learn to play, if you're still interested! Even just sitting in on your daughter's lessons will help you learn!

  2. Hi Kelli! I had been meaning to leave a comment here, and now I've got some time (freed up from not packing for Edel, sob!). Anyway, first, I didn't realize you were living in Sacramento! That's my hometown! And second, my family did the piano-lessons-until-18 rule, and for me, it was such a blessing, though not exactly for my musical abilities. In high school, my wonderful teacher let me pick music I enjoyed and wanted to play/practice. She also served as my unofficial therapist, or so we'd joke. :) She wanted her bench to be a place I'd come for peace and learning. End result: I loved practicing, loved my lessons and never felt tempted to quit them, even with the crazy schedule of a really involved high school girl. I still love playing today. So, go for it if you feel called to with your beautiful little lady!


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