Reflections on celebrating a First Birthday

Saturday, June 28, 2014
It was just before 6am on Wednesday morning. I looked out my window while tucked in the comforts of my king sized bed and noticed how the cobalt colored sky was slowly starting to peak through the dark night. I listened to the sound of the train chug by, like it does every morning, and felt comforted knowing that I wasn't the only one awake. I peered over my shoulder and noticed that Ryan was missing, and in my sleepy haze, remembered that Luke had a bad dream in the middle of the night and he went to comfort him. They must have fallen back to sleep together.

I wasn't alone though. This little baby cuddled next to me was the reason I couldn't sleep. I generally lament being awake so early and Lord knows I am the furthest thing from a Morning Person, but on this particular morning, it was different. He turned One today. Last year, at this exact hour, I woke up deliriously sick. Today though, I woke up filled with happiness. As I stared at his perfect profile, my soul understood more fully the abundance of love I have been given in this 22 pound, strawberry blonde haired child. 


This past year hasn't always been easy. There have been countless sleepless nights, too many wild emotions that were a result of said sleepless nights, and times of despair when I wasn't quite sure how I'd make it through the day. I've been a mother for nearly 8 years, he is my third child, and yet, I've only begun to understand this vocation of mine. Why do I so easily slip into the mindset that this is suppose to be easy? It isn't easy because sacrificial love never is. But I know that Love and the Beauty of raising another little soul is alway worth the fight. The laughter, the multiplication of love, and seeing the new relationships form between the 3 kids has made this past year one of the best. 

So Happy 1st birthday my sweet Dominic! You are irresistibly cute, and today we will celebrate a year of all the goodness you have brought to our family.   


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