Weekend Recap: When Ryan is Away

Sunday, May 18, 2014
It was just me and the kids for most of the weekend. In the past, weekends like this have made me wonder if I am qualified to be a Mother. Ryan is the patient one. The playful one. The one always saving me when I think I might have a panic attack because of all The Noise in the house (HSP's understand this, right?). Which is all the more reason why I wanted him to getaway this weekend, go out with his friends, and get some rest. So I kissed him goodbye and truly wished him a good time at John's bachelor party weekend. He would be seeing friends he hadn't seen in a long time, and I wanted him to make the most of the trip. I then vowed to myself that I would not bombard him with cries for help in the form of text messages and phone calls. And much to my surprise, that is what happened. 

The weekend was exhausting, and noisy, and I was fighting another mild mastitis infection, but it was good. It was great actually. I didn't want to look back on the weekend and lament that I'd spent the entire time yelling at the kids or being grumpy, so I challenged myself to try and make it fun, even if I had to hide the fact that on the inside, all I wanted to do was sleep my infection off. 

Spring is Sacramento brings perfect weather. Not too hot and not too cold, which was great for playing at the park, a trip to the bookstore in midtown, dinner with friends, a few quiet moments at home, and coffee and donuts outside after Church (although there were a few "incidences" during the service...one that involved me losing a toenail, which then resulted in quite a bit of blood loss, but that's a story for a different day). And the upside to having a baby that hardly naps (and trust me, it's hard to find "an upside") is that it forced me to go out and do stuff, because otherwise, my homebody ways would win out. 

Ryan returned home Sunday afternoon and reported that he had a really fun weekend, got to sleep in, and was able to catch up with a lot of his old law school friends. He said he kept waiting for me to text him with my usual, "our kids are crazy!!!" text messages, and thought something may have been wrong when they didn't come. I assured him not to worry and that I would be back to my usual ways come Monday. 

The house may be a total mess, and I'm exhausted from Dominic's all-night nursing sessions, but it made me pretty happy to see Ryan do something fun with his friends for a weekend (and heaven knows, I'm counting down the days to The Edel Gathering :).

A few snaps from the weekend.  

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