Brain Dump: List Style + some iPhone snaps

Saturday, March 8, 2014
Friday Night, we meet again! Truth be told, I'm way too tired to do the usual 7 Quick Takes Post, so this little list will have to do. Happy Weekend!  

making cinnamon raisin ezekial bread toast with kerrygold butter :)   
cooking nothing with meat in it today since it's the first Friday of lent and we're fasting from it.
drinking coffee, kombucha, apple cider vinegar, emergenc-C, coffee, wine & water are my regulars during the day.

reading Bread and Wine | Readings for Lent and Easter....and it's been really good so far.
wanting new chairs for my dining table.
looking at Jimmy Fallon on the Tonight Show.
playing The Adele station on Pandora.
wasting is a mango on top of my fridge. 
sewing Ha!
wishing to go back to Spain for a long visit.
enjoying the stage Dominic is in...who doesn't love a smiley, happy, baby?!
waiting for Dominic to wake up so I can nurse him before I go to sleep.
liking this glass of wine I'm drinking.
wondering where we'll be living a year from now.
loving that our home is currently filled with fresh flowers.
hoping for a productive and joy filled weekend.
marveling at what the Holy Spirit is revealing to me about what it means to "die to self."
needing to put the laundry in the washing machine in the dryer.
smelling the wine in my wine glass.
wearing a tank top, yoga pants, and a blanket my great grandma crochet'd. 
following Jesus
noticing how sensitive my children are.
knowing that love means sacrifice.

thinking that Jimmy Fallon is really funny. Thankful for laughter at the end of a stressful day. 
bookmarking well, I don't really bookmark stuff....but I did just read this fascinating interview Martha Stewart did for reddit. 
opening another bottle of wine. I promise I'm not a lush. 
giggling  at Jimmy Fallon's "Thank You Notes"
feeling that happy feeling that accompanies a glass of wine. Again, I promise I'm not a lush. Also, feeling happy Spring is almost here.

(spring is coming!!!)

(3 Things that aid in my sanity: laptop, wine, Jimmy Fallon)

(day in the life: out doing errands and the kids always have to go to the bathroom at the WORST times)

(those little Flinstone Feet kill me)

(yep, real life right here!) 

(running errands with Peter Pan)

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