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Friday, February 28, 2014
I may or may not spend too much time on the internet reading my favorite blogs, but what can I say? I love a good blog! One good thing about blog reading is that it reminded me that lent is starting soon (next Wednesday!). Normally I am more on top of liturgical living, but this year, the demands of a high needs baby has left me barely able to put my shoes on the right feet. I'm still discerning what our Lord wants from me during these 40 days before Easter; trying to uncover the things that prevent me from knowing and loving Him more. It's not that I don't reflect on these things throughout most of the year, but these 40 days are for drawing even closer to Christ through fasting, praying, and almsgiving. This list, 100 Things to Do for Lent, has been really helpful at suggesting ideas. Every year I at least try to fast from complaining to my husband, but I have failed miserably for the past 8 years. In the last 2 years I fasted from Facebook by shutting down my page, but to be honest, it wasn't that hard. I think the bigger challenge this year, will be to exercise a little temperance, and fast from social media sites like Facebook on a weekly bases and only allow myself to check in 1-2/per week. Which leads me to sharing this ancient, beautiful Lenten Prayer I first came across a few years ago:

       "O Lord and Ruler of Life, take from me the spirit of idleness, despair, cupidity, and empty talking. Yea, O Lord grant that I may see my own sins and not judge my brother. For thou art blessed forever and ever. Amen."

And as I was searching for it online, I came across this reflection by Elizabeth Foss that really hit home. Here are just a few things she says about this prayer :

     "Take from me the spirit of idleness, despair, cupidity, and empty talking. Idleness? Dear Lord, I have eight children who still live at home and are all still homeschooled. How in the world can I be idle? Ah, but I can and I am. When I sit at the computer and mindlessly click away while I nurse the baby, I am idling my brain and, more importantly, my spirit. 

And this last quote also struck me:

     "I cannot live my vocation if my time is taken with idleness and empty talking. Even talking about motherhood, homemaking, and God himself can be empty talking if I talk (or write) about it and I neglect to do it. Time on earth is finite. The days of childhood are numbered. Distracted mothers are a curse to their children."

Her entire reflection on this prayer is a great read and has me contemplating how I will spend my online time over the next 40 days. That part above where she mentions "mindlessly clicking away while nursing a baby?"....that's me! Guilty! I know that I could be using that time to read something more edifying. And since it's way past my bedtime (aaah, it's 2:30am...why am I up?), I'll wrap this post up by sharing this great list of reading suggestions for Lent. And this book is the one I'm planning on reading...instead of mindlessly clicking. Pray for me because I am easily distracted, and I will pray for you. :) 


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