"Resting" when you have Mastitis

Tuesday, February 25, 2014
This past week, I had another mastitis infection. I've lost count of how many times I've had it in the past 8 months, but if I had to guess, maybe 10? My tried and true remedies* saved me, yet again, from taking antibiotics. And thankfully, I've only had to take antibiotics once when I caught the infection too late and my temp shot up to 104. I don't want to scare anyone away from nursing their babies, because no matter how painful these infections can be, I still think breastfeeding is worth it. I wish I could say that each time I've had an infection, I handled it with grace, and didn't complain, but that would be a lie. "Whyyyy God, do I keep getting mastitis...why me?!?" is usually my pitiful prayer/cry. Dr. Google has offered a lot of suggestions/advice on prevention, but the bottom line is, I have no clue why it keeps happening. So I battled it, and attempted "to rest". Resting isn't easy when you don't have family nearby to help, two little boys to care for, and one 7 year old to get to and from school. Naturally, Netflix became the glorious baby-sitter, but even back-to-back episodes of Danielle Tigers Neighborhood can only do so much. Ryan came home early (cue: mom guilt for having my husband come home from work to take care of me) and within a day things were back to being crazy and good.

This right here is what "resting" looks like when you've got two little boys by your side...       
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Thankfully, the week only improved from there and now it's Monday night (technically, very early Tuesday morning) and I'm ready to take the Blogging Challenge to post everyday this week! I can't promise perfect grammar, but I should be able to check in everyday to share a few stories.

*I'm not a dr. and a lot of cases of mastitis do require antibiotics, but for me, this is what works to fight the infection naturally (in addition to lots of rest, water, and hot compresses to work out the clog):  1.) Happy Ducts. I've only found this available online and none of our health food stores carry it...so I always make sure to have plenty on hand. It's the BEST! 2.) Fresh, raw garlic. Obviously this doesn't taste great, but it's a natural antibiotic and if I'm fighting an infection, I take it with breakfast/lunch/dinner. 3.) Apple Cider Vinegar (I take 2 TB mixed with water) & Vitamin C to boost my immune system and here's my favorite website where a lot more remedies are mentioned.

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