Dominic's Birth Story. Part 1

Monday, February 10, 2014

Before I begin to tell the story of the day Dominic was born, I need to share a couple premises. 

Throughout my pregnancy, I struggled with constant anxiety and fear that something would go wrong with the birth. We had been praying and hoping to have another baby for over a year, so when I finally did become pregnant, the thought of something terrible happening was always forefront in my mind. I didn't experience this with my two previous pregnancies, and I think it was a case of "ignorance is bliss". As I've gotten older, I've had friends lose babies and the world of Social Media has allowed for heartbreaking stories to become more widely known. Bad things happen to good people all the time. It's a reality we must all come to terms with, but with this pregnancy, it was especially hard to battle the demon of fear.      

The other challenge I faced throughout the pregnancy, was that I no longer had a choice about where I would give birth because our insurance had changed since I had my last baby.  Having leaned more toward the "natural birth" camp (and having 2 previous natural/water births), I had a tendency to view traditional hospitals, with their high intervention rates, as evil less than ideal. Plain and simple, I just don't like hospitals. So knowing that I would have to give birth in a place I was not looking forward to, well, cue full blown panic attack.  I felt this anxiety up until the day I woke up in labor...but something very unexpected and unpleasant, ended up taking all that anxiety away.

It was June 11th, the day of my due date. It was also Ryan's birthday. 

Our Good Lord above, knowing of this extreme anxiety I was facing, had allowed for me to wake up at 5am, puking from a stomach bug. How did I know it was the stomach flu and not pregnancy hormones? Oh, because my 3 year old had thrown up all over me 2 days prior right in the middle of church (during the consecration I may add). It was quite the scene, as I waddled down the aisle towards the bathroom, carrying my 3 year old on top of my 9 month pregnant belly, with vomit all over my hair. Yes, It was definitely the stomach flu.   

I called my dr. at 6am and she wanted me to go to the hospital for fluids because I couldn't hold anything down, and to monitor the mild contractions I was experiencing. We didn't know if the contractions meant today was the day we would meet our son, or if they were caused by the dehydration. All that anxiety I was feeling? It was gone! I felt like death and could not wait to get to the hospital for some relief!  Funny how something so physically miserable ended up taking away something so emotionally challenging, isn't it? Our bags were already packed, so after dropping our kids off with family/friends, to the hospital we went.

The dry-heaving and constant nausea made the 5 minute drive to the hospital a verrrry looong 5 minutes; it was brutal!  When we got there, I went straight to the labor and delivery unit and was greeted by kind nurses who immediately checked me in and got me hooked up with fluids and the wonder drug known as zofran! Hallelujah! I had never been so thankful for the modern advances of medicine! I could finally focus again. Now that the dehydration/nausea was being treated, it was time to see if these contractions meant real labor or not. I was currently 3cm dilated.  

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Below is the last selfie I took before giving birth the next day! I gained the same amount of weight with all my kids (40lbs) but with Dominic I was the smallest.  

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