Tuesday, February 25, 2014
"A portrait of my children once a week, every week, in 2014"

R: I was sautéing some peppers for our tacos but got side tracked, and she looks over at me and says, "uuhh, mommy, I think these are burning...I'll save them!"  Yes!!  Stir them!!!  She indeed saved them from burning (and my camera was nearby so I was able to grab a quick snap). I admit, I have a tendency to want to be left alone in the kitchen while I cook because it's easier/faster and I enjoy the alone time while Ryan watches the kids...but...well, I'm going to have to just get over that. I want my kids to know how to cook and that means I'm going to be the one to teach them! Bon Appetit! 

L: Oh, my sweet middle child!  I hate to label, but he acts very much like a Middle Child, always finding ways to seek my attention. He's highly sensitive and has a temper that only comes out at home. He's imaginative, empathetic, and the perfect mix of gentle and tough.  He's the one who challenges me the most, and sends me to my knees begging for help. Nothing surprised me more when I saw him take on the role of Big Brother. I thought he would be jealous, and the tantrums would multiply, but it was far from that. He was tender towards the baby, and often times it is only the baby  that can soften his grumpy moods. So here he is, as he often is, dressed up like Peter Pan lost in his imaginative world. 

D: He's 20lbs of cuteness! It was a rough start with him, but we made it through and now things are more content (for now!). We had a bit of a heat wave this past week so I took him out for some vitamin D.  He's wearing his teething necklace again, and for the record, the jury is still out on whether or not they work.

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  1. OH sweet images!!! I have a middle child too...and it's true... I try so hard to overlook it...but in the end, he acts very much like a middle kid! But such a gift!!! Your babes are gorgeous!!!


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