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Friday, February 7, 2014
Happy Friday!  In no particular order, here are my 7 very random Quick Takes for the week. Check out Jen's blog to see the Linkup.  

1.)  I mentioned in my last 52 weeks post that we recently took a trip to my little hometown of Lompoc to visit dear friends. It was one of the best trips we've taken in a long time (minus the drive down, which made me want to consume an entire bottle of wine.  I'll spare you the details). We stayed at our friends Walnut Farm, and the kids had an entire orchard to run around and could be as loud as they wanted! Much to my surprise, the trip was a lot more relaxing than I had envisioned because usually when we get back from a trip with our kids, I feel like I need another vacation. It's nice when you can put your kids to bed, and then have all your friends right there to hang out with...welcome to fun in your Thirties :) 

2.)  I'm not pregnant, but I just discovered this baby naming website called Nymbler, have you heard of it? You can plug in your kids names and it will help you come up with baby names that go with your current children's names...genius! I may or may not be planning someday-baby-number-4's name :)  

3.)  I tried out a new breakfast recipe this past week, and I highly recommend it!  It was delicious, healthy and easy...Overnight Oats!  It took about 5-7 minutes to prep before I went to bed and was ready in the morning (I filled 4 mason jars so we each had our own...minus the baby because he still spits out most of his food). The recipe is from My Whole Food Life and you can find it by clicking HERE.

4.  My current Mothering Struggle is getting the baby to nap. You'd think I'd have this figured out by baby #3, but I don't (and because God likes to keep me on my toes, I probably never will!). This kid wants to nurse 24/7 and the minute I try to delatch him, he screams. He's also an extremely light sleeper no matter how many white noise devices I have playing.  So, I either end up laying down with him, while the other 2 kids get into trouble which usually involves making a mess; or he just doesn't nap. He turns 8 months old next week, and eventually I'd reaaallllly like to get him taking naps that don't involve me laying with him. I'm not sure if I'm writing this out to vent, or because I could use some suggestions on what has worked for other moms, but I'm open to advise.

5.) Anyone excited about The Olympics? I grew up loving to watch the Ice Skaters but once I got to High School, I lost interest. But something happened with the last Summer Olympics and I became *obsessed*...I'd ignore my kids everyday just to tune in and watch. I'm looking forward to tuning in this time too (and can you believe all the crazy #sochiproblems?!?). Also, a friend sent me this hilarious post about "Momlympics", which I recommend reading if you want a good laugh.

6.)  Ryan and Riley are going to their first Father/Daughter dance this weekend and I'm really happy that these kinds of events exist! Speaking of dancing, one of the best things about photographing weddings was watching/capturing people dance during the reception. You wouldn't believe some of the crazy dance moves I've seen people do (mostly good) in the 5 years I photographed weddings. But one thing I never saw was a choreographed mother/son dance, so when I saw this video the other day, I thought it was especially awesome (her dance moves are good!!)

7.) It's a Friday Night Miracle...all 3 kids are asleep by 7:30! Where's the wine? Have a great weekend!

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  1. Lyric is a light sleeper too, but she does sleep a lot better at night so I guess I will take the good with the bad lol


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