2014 Resolutions

Tuesday, January 7, 2014
We said goodbye to 2013 by celebrating with some of our closest friends...we ate good food, shared funny stories, played Apples to Apples, and drank good wine.  Between all 4 of our families, there were 13 kids who also celebrated by staying up until midnight, playing games, eating desserts, and lighting sparklers....getting together with friends to celebrate is always a good reminder that laughter is good for the Soul.  

I can't recall a single New Years Resolution I've made in the past.  Maybe it's because I knew I'd most likely fail, or maybe it's because I was never organized enough (hello, a.d.d!) but I haven't seriously made a resolution in the past 10+ years.  Something feels different this year though and I can't stop thinking about making a few personal resolutions.  Life with 3 small kids is often unpredictable and out of my control, that I suspect that the idea of making a resolution is a way of making me feel like I can accomplish something tangible.  I'm going to give it my best...so here is my list:

1.) Resurrect my blog and fall back in love with the art and Beauty of photography.  Except this blog is a little different than my last:  I have nothing to promote and nothing to sell, and I couldn't be more excited about that fact (so I think that officially makes me a mom blogger now, right?!).  I absolutely loved my photography business, but right now it's not where I'm being called.  I started my first blog in 2007 and one of things I most loved was connecting with other photographers and whoever happened to stumble across my little space of the internet.  I've missed that in the past year and a half (when I stopped blogging), and look forward to starting this new teeny, tiny, space to call my own on the interwebs!  I spent a lot of 2013 feeling pretty exhausted and unfortunately, that exhaustion spilled over into my love of photography and I didn't feel inspired to create images I was passionate about (exception: I love my iPhone and take waaaay too many photos with that lovely device!  It may be a problem, but have you seen THIS commercial).  So I have some personal photography goals that I'm hoping to share throughout the year, starting with the 52 Week Project.

2.)  Remember how I mentioned I have a problem with my iPhone? Cue Resolution numero dos: Completely unplugg from my iphone one Sunday/month.  It's a start, right?  

3.)  Start a garden!  Ryan is on board and excited about this too which actually makes this resolution realistic.  We even bought a lot of the materials to get started a few days ago!  There is so much I don't know about this topic so I'm not entirely sure what specific goals I should have for our garden (and seeing that I have difficulty keeping house plants alive...I need to be realistic here).  For example, how much can I expect our 1st year of gardening to yield?  What if the bugs and birds try to eat my garden?!?  I've only begun researching, so if anyone has any helpful resources to share, please let me know.

4.)  Be more organized when it comes to celebrating The Liturgical Year.  I've recently purchased a few cookbooks that will help me to incorporate special meals that honor different Feast Days and celebrations and I'm hoping to find a few fun crafts/activities to do on the Feast Days that are extra special to us.  My first step toward making this happen is sitting down and organizing my calendar so I know at the beginning of each month, what to plan for.

5.) Read 3-5 books.  I'm most looking forward to reading Jennifer Fulwiler's book out soon!  

I'm tempted to make a few more resolutions, but that's just asking for disappointment so 5 it is!  Ryan and I came up with a few Family Goals for the year too, which I'll share soon.  

Goodbye 2013 and hello 2014! 



  1. God bless you, Kelli and all the family. Good luck with the resolution. I know of a way you could apply your photography skills in pro life work if you are interested. You have a wonderful family, and that is the most important achievement of all. See ya,...Fr. Lee.

    1. Father Lee, I would love to help with pro-life work! Let's definitely talk about it soon :) God Bless!


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