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Friday, January 10, 2014
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This right here basically sums up the past month:

When we finally get the kids to sleep at night, the only thing I want to do is stay up aaalllll night and bask in the peace and quiet!  The sleep deprivation of the past 7 months has finally caught up to me and not only did I get sick this past week, but I was basically a crazy person aka "a tall two-year old." I'd forget words mid-sentence, cry when I didn't get my way, and cry some more when all 3 of my kids would cry at the same time. So basically, sleep deprivation equals a lot of crying!  I know the answer is to go to bed earlier, but that is really hard for someone who is a night owl and recharges in the peace & quiet.  I'm working on it. 

Speaking of the past 7 months, this guy turns 7 moths old tomorrow.  I just love him! And even though I'm complaining about my sleep deprivation, I'll just be cheesy right now and say that he's most definitely worth it!


For Christmas, my mom got me something that had been on my wish list for quite some time... a dutch oven!  A few friends had told me to try roasting a whole chicken in it which we did this past Sunday.  The result? Amazing!!  Trader Joes is now carrying black fermented garlic (which I had never even heard of before) and so I threw it in the pot to roast with the other vegetables and it was so very delicious...the garlic was actually sweet tasting! This is the recipe I followed: French Chicken In a Pot.  

And one more success I had this week with food...muffins!  If you're looking for a really really good chocolate-banana muffin recipe that has no refined sugar, and is gluten free, I recommend this recipe: Paleo Chocolate Banana Muffins.  They were a hit with the kids and Ryan!  


I've been thinking about what my word should be for the year 2014 and was having a hard time coming up with just one word.  This verse from Isaiah chapter 40:31 had come to me twice from different friends last week:  "They that hope in the Lord will renew their strength, they will soar on Eagles wings, they will run and not grow weary, walk and not grow faint." so originally I thought that the word, Soar, would be a great word for 2014.  Then last week, on a day that was particularly challenging, I came across this post by Elizabeth Foss and it was one of those moments where I knew this was suppose to be my word.  It is the word: Surrender.  I recommend reading her eloquent words on the subject, but this is the paragraph that really resonated with me:

"I’m not omnipotent. Not at all. I can do nothing under my own power. Everything good that I do or say or accomplish I do under His strength and with His grace. There is no other way. Here’s where I meet fear and stare it down. I seek perfection because I fail to trust that God’s got this. It’s that simple. I want to be all-powerful, to conquer, to perfect. Perfectionism is striving to be without fault in my own eyes and in the eyes of other people because I need to feel secure. Perfectionism is trying to control my children’s lives so that only good and nothing bad will happen. Perfectionism is trying to maintain perfect order because I fear what will be if I allow for human weakness. 
Perfectionism is the enemy of surrender.
Perfect fear and the fear of being imperfect drive out Love.  
Perfect fear exhausts, depletes, frustrates, depresses, and suffocates a life of grace. It is grace I want to live, not perfection. It is surrender I need, not power.
Grace is in the surrender. I am called only to be perfect as our heavenly Father is perfect. How cool is that? I don’t have to be Supermom. Furthermore, I’m not supposed to be Supermom. I’m supposed to be little, and tender, and childlike in my faith. Surrender is to relinquish worrying that I’m not enough or I didn’t do it sufficiently. 
Surrender is knowing that when I go to bed at night and feel like my house and my heart are too bruised and broken to be beautiful in anyone’s sight, He’s there, ready to fill me with ample grace and strength to do what He would have me do."
I want to soar.  I know that in order to soar though, I've got to begin with surrendering.  So surrender is my word for 2014.
The kids received a couple seasons of the I love Lucy show for Christmas and they both love it!  Even my 3 year old!  Needless to say, I've been re-watching all the episodes with them and it brings back so many good memories of when I was a child and first falling in love with the show. Here's one of the best scenes of all time!  Why can't there be shows like this anymore?

I've currently got a 3 year old who lives for Peter Pan...all day, every day.  It's pretty awesome! Even when he's throwing a crazy tantrum, the feathered hat makes it hard for me to get too mad.  A few snaps from the iPhone: 


This weekend we're going to start building our raised beds for our garden.  I'll be honest, I'm nervous about this little endeavor.  I don't like to fail, and I'm nervous I'm going to kill everything we're going to grow.  If anyone has any tips, or recommended websites for gardening, I'd love to know!  

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