7 Quick Takes (Vol. 3)

Saturday, January 25, 2014

This past week had a lot of challenges...one of them included a crashed hard drive!  The silver lining is that I got a chance to look through old photos from the past 7 years on a few of my external drives (thank goodness I had everything backed up!)  Oh, the heart strings were majorly pulled!!  Especially with Riley.  This little girl isn't so little anymore!  After this exhausting week, my brain is feeling quite drained of words...so for Friday's Quick Takes, here are 7 of my favorite photos I came across as a result of The Crashed Drive.  See more Quick Takes over at Jen's blog

(this is one of my favorite images I've ever captured.  It was taken 3 years ago with my Canon Ae-1 and TMAX 3200 film).   






 And lastly, this is one of my all time favorite i-phone photos!  It was quite the perfect moment to walk in on them fast asleep (and also the last time they all napped at the same time!)  

And I'll add this one link because it's also related to photography and the photographs are super fascinating!  Here you go:

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